Hello All!

Wanted to share my passion for nutrition and the macro-nutrient counting system through a video. I went through the process of setting out what prepping all my meals in one day currently looks like. **One note: my macros fluctuate according to my goals. A month ago I was in-taking 225grams of carbs, in this video, I’m in-taking 185grams of carbs. I’m currently “mini-cutting” for a power-lifting meet in which I want to break state records, and that requires I lift really heavy weight in a lower weight class. “Cutting” is not sustainable in practice for losing weight, and is only meant for temporary results. But the flexible-dieting “macro-counting” system IS sustainable, realistic, and supports the consumption ALL types of food in moderation…as long as it fits your macros!

What you’ll see in the video is a pretty consist set of my favorite foods. To clarify:

Meal #1= Oatmeal mixed with Nestle Fat-Free chocolate powder with two pieces of SaraLee 45-calorie bread with a spreading of coconut almond butter

Meal #2= Chicken, apple, yellow squash, tortilla, and Justin’s hazelnut butter

Meal #3= Chicken, apple, brown rice, banana, oatmeal, and Planter’s banana-nut peanut butter

Meal #4= Chicken, apple, brown rice, two International Delight sugar-free french-vanilla coffee creamers, oatmeal, and Planter’s banana-nut peanut butter

Meal #5= Fage yogurt and Nestle Fat-Free chocolate powder with pancakes made from egg beaters, almond flour, Nestle Fat-Free chocolate powder, oatmeal and a pinch of baking powder

My Macro-Nutrient Counting & Daily Meal Prep Process


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