TSC: Tactical Strength Challenge

Last Saturday, October 5th, my gym (Revolution Training System) hosted a Tactical Strength Challenge event through the StrongFirst company (which has its origins in military and tactical training.) Many of the gym-regulars showed up to participate, or just cheer everyone else on, which made the day spectacularly fun and supportive despite the pressure of pushing for new Personal Records (PRs), and competing against gyms from across the nation.

The main “events” or challenges in which participants were expected to compete were: max-weight Deadlift, 5 minutes of varied weight Snatches with kettle bells, and (depending on designated class) either a flexed hang from a bar (only women’s Novice group) or pull ups…

TSC "events"


For whatever reason, I wasn’t feeling my best that day, and it was more of a mental issue than anything else. I was just foggy in the brain and couldn’t maintain a lot of clear focus and determination. I also hadn’t had my “come-to-Jesus” realizations about putting all my trust in Mike’s recommendations or trusting my own body, so I was nervous about pulling weight for deadlifts that I already had…sitting in that type of doubt was not a good place to be in. As a result, I had some nerves and hesitation, which influenced lighter pulls than Mike and I had previously talked about, and my first deadlift pull was a little shaky, but still successful.


I began by deadlifting 235lbs, then 250lbs, the I used a belt for the first time and pulled 265lbs which was a new PR for me! (Mike and I had discussed attempting 275lbs, but I’ll take the 5lbs!) Having entered the gym with almost no kettle bell experience, I entered the “Novice” category so I could use the 26lb kettle bell for the snatch portion of the challenge. I knew I was going to bruise on my wrist/forearms, but the load of the next level (around 36lbs) would’ve been too much at this point. I was able to manage 117 snatches–which was way more than my previous personal record of 90! Lastly, I pulled a flexed arm-hang for 1 minute 6 seconds, and later repped out 10 pull ups (even though they didn’t count). Next Spring, I’m definitely entering the Women’s Open level!

That being said…as far as the results go, guess who placed #1 against all the other women in ALL the other gyms across the nation for the Women’s Novice group?? This girl.

http://tacticalstrengthchallenge.com/result/list   (Click: TSC Women’s Novice> VIew Results to see my listing)

First place! My gym prepped us so well.

First place! My gym prepped us so well; looking forward to maintaining the title!

Moments from the event…

Power, strength and fun

Power, strength and fun

Everyone’s so excited to compete next year…we had a blast!

Revolution Training System<—-click for an inside look into our community…


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